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    Purchased a different Shaft and tip to play on a Diamond Table vs. Brunswick Gold Crown

    Do you use a lot of english, side spin, when you bank?
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    The PAUSE in pool stroke

    If I was actually thinking 'Set - Pause - Finish' every time I made a shot I wouldn't be able to make anything! After PSR I confirm my tip position on the CB (Set) I then switch my eyes from the CB to OB as I start my take away, intense focus on contact point of OB which takes about a second...
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    It’s a Billiard not a Carom!!!

    Technically every time the CB makes contact with the OB it is a kiss. If not how could there ever be a Double Kiss?
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    Poolmanis over analyzing angles and position.

    Like the way you analyze your game but you lose me on some of the angle numbers you’re throwing out there
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    Advice on Cue Tips

    I've been using LePro's for decades, don't plan on changing. They sit on top of my Predator 314-2 shafts which I don't plan on changing either. I can't remember the last time I had a miscue or needed more draw or spin, my problem has never been not having enough but to tame what I have. On 99.9%...
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    Revo size

    I see a lot of players go from their 13 mm wooden shaft to a 12.4 Revo. Why not the 12.9? Is this just a preference thing?
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    What is my best choice with fluorescent bulbs ?

    I think T8s and T12s are interchangeable and as long as you have single pin tombstones(sockets), if not you can change them, this is what I did. I contacted someone who has done a lot of Diamond lights, I had 4 T8, 8 foot fluorescents in my Diamond pool light. I got rid of the ballasts and...
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    2021 US Open Player List?

    Hoping to see Jason Klatt’s name on the list
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    Wasted chalk?

    Very simple. Just pretend that you accidentally knock it off the table and you’ll never see it again
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    Weird things players do .....

    I've read where some instructors will teach their students to lightly hold the butt end of a cue by having them hold a piece of chalk in their grip hand like you've seen
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    Weird things players do .....

    This is the finger trap thingy I'm talking about. I've seen some players use it on every shot but it looks like Kevin Cheng only uses it on the break. At 47:50 into video.
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    Weird things players do .....

    I never tried to give him advice, even stated that if it ups someone's confidence who am I to change it. Just having a conversation over a beer and a lot of players like to tell you why they do things whether you ask or not. I liked watching Jimmy Moore and wish I could have watched some matches...
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    Weird things players do .....

    I've seen the swooping across the ball, and a pro who would use what looked like the old finger trap between the fingers of his bridge hand instead of a paper towel to slide the cue through. Interesting stories, Thanks!
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    Weird things players do .....

    I watched an old guy practicing the other day and he wasn't that bad a player, but I noticed that when he practiced his draw shots he would move his grip forward on the cue and drop his elbow following the stroke. I talked to him about it later and he said that when he was younger an old...
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    Stats -- Frost vs. McGrath 7-Foot 8-Ball Race to 80, August 2021

    I've played Bobby many many times. Rack’s on the Rocks used to be called RJ’s and when I’d go in on a slow day Bobby and I would play friendly sets of races to 7 for $20 since we all knew each other . I grew up playing Bobby senior, Al Heet and Judex James