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    Joss factory tip

    Anybody know what kind/ hardness etc. tip that Joss uses? I replaced my tip recently with a lepro and it doesn't have the same spin. I will replace again if I know what was on it. Thanks T
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    Bank ring game results?

    I was out and haven't seen anything, who played etc. anyone have finishing order?
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    Space City One Pocket

    Does anyone have info or bracket? I saw stream was available but no info.
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    Mosconi Cup Stream?

    Will it be aired ppv?
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    Smith vs Jones updates

    I didn't get to watch last night. Is it worth ordering at this point?
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    White diamonds brackets

    I read they were gonna post brackets. Anyone know where to find them?
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    Earl Shane any info?

    My provider isn't listed on espn3. Anyone know score?
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    SmokinAces 1 hole players list?

    I know it's early but does anyone know who's confirmed for the big one pocket tourney in Poplar Bluff?
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    One pocket men vs women

    I mentioned this in another thread, but no answer so I thought I would ask you guys. If the break means so much against great women players in rotation games, why do women not excellent at pocket a piece? I ain't trying to start a war, just wondering what your thoughts were.
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    Tar one hole

    Which night is the 1 pocket?
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    Mid nite madness winner?

    Anyone know?
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    White diamonds updates?

    I saw brackets on FB. Anyone know latest?
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    Tar one pocket final

    Not complaining , just inquiring . If we bought all three days will we have to pay for finals?
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    US Open TAR Stream locking up

    Just wondering if anyone else's stream keeps freezing or is it my I pad setup?
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    US Open One Pocket

    Will it be streamed?