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    Places to play pool in Rome?

    ...and I can add: Pool Poker Club (Bruno Muratore is there) Via della Bufalotta 23A Roma - Club70 Via Tazio Nuvolari 141 Roma - Hope this helps. Enjoy your stay here in Italy sir, and if you happen to be in Genova I'll be glad to have you in my...
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    most underrated players

    Tap, tap... :)
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    Best Psychology Books for Pool Players

    Blackjack and Calgary, thanks for the info on Zen Pool reviews. I expected it to be only about mental, I understand from the reviews that it focuses more on practise and technique. Correct? :)
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    Best Psychology Books for Pool Players

    Any feedback on Max Eberle's Zen pool? I'm very curious about that. Thank you :)
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    Magic rack suppliers in Vegas

    Thanks dpp and Mark, if my dad will have time to get them for me at CSI fine, otherwise I'll order them on here for sure. tom
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    Magic rack suppliers in Vegas

    Hi guys, I'm from Italy and nobody here sells Magic Rack. My father will be in Vegas soon, and I'd like he to buy some of them for my poolroom. Can anyone help me addressing him? Thanks ;)
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    Can You Trust Your Stroke

    Great point, so true... :thumbup:
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    how many racks ran on you?

    Cheap 9 ball, race to 7, Sandor Tot broke first and ran 9 (7-0, 2-0). I managed to win the 2nd set and ran away :)
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    The Mental Game

    Stay down... :)
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    European ALL AROUND Champion

    What a 9 ball final... 12 b&r out of 17 games! I feel for the Polish guy, he played almost perfect but that's 9 ball... Ralf's shot of the match was a great long jump on the 3 with the cueball caroming off the 9 and making it. It was a very tricky situation, I think if Ralf didn't make that...
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    Custom Equipment Cue Poll for Players of all Skill Levels

    Nice one lol! The guy who made my cue was my roommate at VF, we bought the wood together, I gave him weight, balance and he just made a nice butt for my 314-2 ;). He is also an advanced player as I am and plays with the same equipment.
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    Custom Equipment Cue Poll for Players of all Skill Levels

    No "custom cue with ld shaft" option? That's what I would click. :)
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    Can't control my nerves

    I think it has something to do with expectations. You practised hard, there's no shot you can't make, and you feel ready to compete. BUT, being too conscious of that, as you stated in your starting post, makes you scary. You're afraid of not fulfilling your expectations and not showing (to...
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    Any AZer in Amsterdam?

    I'm not from Amsterdam, but I can suggest you to visit Club 8.
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    Photos World Team Championship Day 7 are online

    Thanks Markus, very nice pictures! Your finger must hurt! Please take a couple more pics of my Italian friends before they get beaten again lol Btw, you look great in that t-shirt I made lol (sorry I couldn't help:))