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    Does a Short Ferrule really make a differnce

    I used to love 14mm shafts
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    I like my new Mid America repair lathe

    I think you need to stay away from the cf as some people will not like that. Learn to do it without touching shaft.
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    Carbon shaft joint question

    Do you pour it?
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    Secret sauce recipe I thought I would share.

    Not sure what you are talking about could you explain? Thanks
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    DC motor recomendation

    What is consew motor?
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    Taig index plate

    My Hightower came with one.
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    Revo shaft

    Thanks Mike
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    Revo shaft

    14 inches From the tip?
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    Revo shaft

    Thanks Mike
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    Revo shaft

    Anybody know?
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    Revo shaft

    Anybody know shaft dia. at 14 inches on 12.4 revo shaft. Thanks
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    What does ho mean in taps like 3l8 10 ho.
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    Kamui clear tips

    Do you sand clear pad before gluing. Thanks
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    Joint collar on jump cue butt

    I ran out of 2 ton epoxy tonight .is ok to use devcon 5 minute epoxy to glue phenolic joint collar.on .