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    Heard of Milk Duds? Get ready for Uber Duds!

    Are you suggesting that someone who makes thousands of tips in a manufacturing facility can make a better tip than I can with stuff I have laying around in my garage?
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    Joint Pins - What and why

    Is there really something wrong with it or just no advantage?
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    BAD CALLS in Pool ... FOULS that Weren't Called

    I've done that. I'm looking for the ball to go into the pocket and don't even think to notice that I touched the wrong ball first.
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    BAD CALLS in Pool ... FOULS that Weren't Called

    I can't draw any conclusions based on the video but I consider that to be insufficient evidence of a foul, It appears to me that the cue ball was in contact with both at the same time. I haven't seen the rule stated with respect to rails after contact but I think if "tie goes to the runner"...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I don't think he's going anywhere anytime soon.
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    What’s the Best Way ?

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    What’s the Best Way ?

    That's a good point but if other people are playing it differently it's worthwhile for OP to try to explore a different technique. Setting the shot up should be the first option, though.
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    Could Joe Rogan help with pool?

    I get the impression that Paul Newman was more of an icon than Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is certainly a successful actor with many great roles to his credit but I sort of feel like Newman was more of a public figure. Sort of like how some athletes are famous for playing the game well and some cross...
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    Needed or not?

    I like to use the cork from a wine bottle, soft, easy to cut to length.
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    ultra skin tips

    Here is the website where he rates the hardness.
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    True warrior? Or social media diva? The root of the Jayson Shaw debate.

    How does he do that? I can't get any draw on a ball more than 4 diamonds away. I hit as hard as I can and don't get enough spin. I aim the tip a little lower and have to patch the drywall.
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    Could Joe Rogan help with pool?

    What would be the upside to it being a private club?
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    Arthur Que New?

    It's really humbling how well many people speak English as a second language. Not just getting the idea across but communicating nuance, too.
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    Could Joe Rogan help with pool?

    The weird thing, at least for me, is that I don't need to watch pool live. The F1 Championship, NFL, NBA I want to see that in a timely fashion. I guess a large part of that is that a pool match is not culturally significant enough that I am missing out on the "event". I can see thousands of...
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    Arthur Que New?

    I appreciate that they have the proper flag when you select English!