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    best cue you ever had or still have ???

    These are the best hitting cues for me…Diveney is my favorite with the long tapper, Kielwood shaft but all of these are very well made and hit fantastic over my 30 years of playing. I own each in my collection. Tim Scruggs Mike Lambros Sugartree by Eric Crisp Dennis Searing Pete Tascarella...
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    Advice on Cue Tips

    Outdated for example Shane got sponsored by HOW tips and uses a HOW hard. Pros change tips often to whoever Sponsered…
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    Advice on Cue Tips Depends on what you want to spend and like… I prefer Kamui clear black soft… You can look at this chart to see similar hardness levels… might help
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    RIP Scott Lee

    Scott Lee passed away!!! RIP I am shocked and he was such a great instructor. We lost a special man for the sport we all love!
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    Scott Lee!

    Scott Lee passed away!!! RIP I am shocked and he was such a great instructor. We lost a special man for the sport we all love!
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    Judd Trump to play U.S. Open.................

    I think Judd might win his first match or second but he going to need a bigger boat to get in to the money or lucky draw to get 32… I dont think he can beat any of the top players in rotation until he gets more experience… Break, banks and strategy is a lot different then snooker. They will eat...
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    Mezz Air Drive II vs Cuetec Propel

    Good luck trying to get Mezz air drive 2 been on back order for months…
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    Shane Van Boening's World Record

    Curious if their is a video of Matlock running 28 racks consecutively? Would love to watch that…
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    What the F is going on here?

    I played Cornhole at July 4th BBQ for the first time. After two games I got so bored.... A guy was watching me and was asking what I was doing when I started to spin the bag in the air to see if english works hahahahaha. Just to simple of a game for me but at least I tried it. Maybe someday we...
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    Ariel Carmeli cue playability

    Not on my list unless we talking about a jump/break combo cue… He makes a great versatile cue for break and jumping but IMO better hitting performance cue makers by a large margin. Still pick Lambros, Scruggs, Dieveny, Sugartree or Tascarella over any Gilbert player cue…
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    Ariel Carmeli cue playability

    I still have five cues ahead of it by large margin for hit and feel... Diveney, Scruggs, Lambros, Sugartree, Tascarella.... I might even add Searing, Josey and Southwest ahead of the Carmeli cues also.... For me the Carmeli are in the second tier of hit and feel with Jacoby and Nitti....
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    New Predator Table

    Disappointed in WPC on predator table. Heard the tables play extremely easy compared to Diamond. Weak final eight in WPC because I think equipment was not as competitive enough and gave weaker players a chance against top pros. Would love to see how it rates against other tables when you use...
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    Predator Pool Table

    Yup. Would love to see how it rates against other tables when you use this to really see how tough a table plays… I use this and Diamond always above 1.0…. Curious to see what predator tables come out with shelf depth etc… Table Difficulty Factor or TDF does work pretty good…...
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    Predator Pool Table

    Table is very easy and pockets seem bigger then 4.5” . My friend played on the table and said it is much easier then a diamond pro cut and the equipment is way to easy for top players. He played in the WPC Daniel… He said it gave many players a chance against the top pro on predator table and...
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    SJM Sizes Up the World Pool Championship

    Well said and great review. I was also disappointed at how so many shots on the Predator table should not have gone and dropped anyway. I also was disappointed with the field of players and how many were not included. The only other item was the surprise to change the rack in the middle of...