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    Borriw a Diamond table cart in NW

    Does anyone from Seattle to Eugene have a Diamond cart for rent or borrowing? I need to move a Diamond 7' from Hood River, OR to Vancouver, WA. Let me know or if you have any contact info.
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    Billiardette Table -1930's

    So there is a guy selling a 1930's Billiardette table. Looks in good shape and everything works. Is it even worth just buying for the novelty and historical value? Wants $1250 but wouldn't offer that. No way to level or know if rolls straight. Obviously I could test it out first. Thoughts? It's...
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    Home tables discussion

    So I have recently moved into a new home and have been looking for a used Diamond table on the west coast with no luck. I can get a new Diamond 7' on order ($5300 delivered) and pay it off after tax/bonus season in the spring. However I was wondering what people thought about the different brand...
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    WTB - Diamond 7'. Northwest area

    Looking for a Diamond 7' table blue label in the northwest. Located in Vancouver, WA but will travel. PM with prices or respond with leads. Thanks!
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    My new 9pt recut Pierce Cue

    Some pics of my new Jim Pierce cue. He did an amazing job and looks way better in person. The hit is phenomenal and the best hitting cue I've played with to date.
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    Cue Building Equipment, Tools, Gizmos Cost

    Hey guys, Haven't posted on AZB in a while but have been throwing around the idea of picking up cue building as a new hobby. At least fiddle around with it for something to do in the garage. If you were going to estimate how much money it takes to get the proper items to get started what would...
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    New Omen Wrapless - Cocobolo & Curly Maple

    I recently received my new Omen wrapless cue. Cocobolo & Curly Maple with SW Style band and ring work. Extension and joint protectors.
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    Pics of inlays inside veneered windows

    Can you guys post some pictures of inlays inside of veneered windows in Ebony butt? I am looking at Orange/green/white veneers or red/black/white veneers. I am assuming that most of the time you want similar inlays in the boxes that match the inlays in the points. Helps keep the cues design...
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    New Omen J/B - BEM/Ebony

    Close up of the rings.
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    New Omen J/B - BEM/Ebony

    This is my new Omen J/B cue. BEM/Ebony with checker red/black/white ringwork. Hits great! The 2nd J/B of Petes that I own. Gave the other to my wife. Merry Christmas!
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    Anyone going?

    Anyone from AZB going to Reno bar box? Thinking of going for 9B & 8B and just checking.
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    Colorado State Billiards Research Links

    I'm sure alot of you have viewed this but I thought I'd put it up for any newer members. Some good links and high speed videos showing ball collisions and whatnot. Enjoy! -Todd
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    Tile Under Pool Table Feet?

    Should I put tile under a 7' Diamond Pro-Am's feet during installation or is it going to make any difference for settling? New carpet with probably thin pad underneath. Carpet was changed before I purchased the house. I looked at the pictures of your tables in the "Show us your HOME ROOMS !!"...
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    BCA Nationals Ref - Borrow a jump cue?

    So I played poor in several Masters singles matches leading up to the following situation. I am in the losers bracket as I had just played my best match beating Joey Gray. I played my next opponent who was up on me 4-2 after a couple dry breaks of mine. I failed to get out on the 7th rack but my...
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    Cue Progressions

    Not sure if it is typical or not but I took the following route through my cue progressions. 1st Cue: $20 Big-5 Sporting Cue bought off a friend (crap cue) 2nd Cue: $175 Solid Blue McDermott (low end production cue) 3rd Cue: $700 Schon LTD (higher end production cue) 4th Cue: $300 Tim Scruggs...