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    Break Stats -- 2022 European Open Pool Championship (9-Ball), August 2022

    How about not paying attention to breakers percentages at all, and any player running out from ball #1 (or lowest ball) 40% of time (or more)? :) That's a stretch of course, but I intend to express my opinion that the break should not be as big part of the game as it still is.
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    Jayson Shaw in the Hunt for Another 14.1 Record

    Whatever they are, they are debatable 😅 (as usual) (I think an old forum software provided a smilie of a horse, dead and being well beaten :unsure:)
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    How to learn One Pocket

    I believe Fedor Gorst might have an answer to that question 😉 Seriously, I'm stunned how fast he progressed in 1P.
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    Break Box 2022 US Open 9 Ball

    Seems my post from EO2022 thread is relevant here: A secret break format, several known types drawn randomly and revealed just a day before the event. (Of course they'd better play 10-Ball, standard...
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    Setting Up 40 Tables

    Once I was a lucky man to have a long chat with no other than Paul Smith. Here this wonderful chap is: I did not watch the video but presumably the whole process does not take more than an hour (that's the timing of this video ;) ) BTW, does anybody know how Paul is doing nowadays?
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    Great topic Dave! An important one.
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    New break rule for European Open

    It's pretty impressive how he manages to keep winning at this level with all this questioning himself and negative energy he surrounds himself with.
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    New break rule for European Open

    Hopefully he does not run into Albin again there :eek: Three times a season would be one too many.
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    New break rule for European Open

    Dry breaks stats is okay, after all it is just numbers, for any event . But with this format I feel those dry break stats pretty much irrelevant. Like they were showing these numbers during today's matches, and they tell basically nothing. They did mean something before, but not any more. (Soon...
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    New break rule for European Open

    Now you subscribers in the US try to persuade Matchroom that their contract with DAZN sucks. Like for 1000th time in just two years...
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    New break rule for European Open

    It used to be Luke Riches some years ago, he was a press officer for MR. Then he quit (or was sacked, who knows, MR tends to have issues with their great employees, like with Nigel and Michaela for instance), and he was replaced of course by another copywriter. Interesting enough, recently EPBF...
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    New break rule for European Open

    And my thought was, when the diamond-shaped rack of balls is placed high (i.e. 9 is on the spot) the players most often try to make the 1 in the side, as the head ball gets closer to the side pockets. Regardless of where the CB is on the break.
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    New break rule for European Open

    Ah, here's a chapter from "Stop giving her ideas" saga :D Now players will get to do their homework and try to figure this new break out. Therefore I suggest MR come up with several crazy ways to break and do not reveal the certain way to be used at the coming event! 🤫 Get them numbered, and...
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    New break rule for European Open

    If you watch more events with 9 on the spot, you might reconsider :)
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    New break rule for European Open

    With the template, changed to soome extent but nothing special. With triangle and hand racking, changed a lot! (If only the refs could correct their own imperfections, so that the sh!t which opened Filler vs Shaw match - three golden breaks in a row, 9-ball tracking all the time - could be fixed...