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  • Hello......nah....didn't go out on my own. And thanks for the compliment. Tony and I had a parting of ways and although it might be nice to create some cues the cost of setting everything up would be astronomical. I quit playing for many years after Tony and I parted so I know what that's like for you. Which Black Boar did you own? Do you remember it?
    I see. Im a former black boar owner and knew of you and tony by name and reputation. I stopped playing for about 7-8 years and just started playing again. Some people told me you had parted ways with tony but told me it was to go out on your own which would have absolutely made me interested. Take care. It was nice talking with you
    Nooooooooo.........not at all. No way. I have neither the money nor the time to even attempt to build cues. My buddy Tony at Black Boar is perhaps the best out there these days and he's spent 20 some odd years perfecting his craft and the science. I had a blast back then making cues but don't think I could ever revisit those times we had. You know? All water under the bridge. I now work in an office and get a steady paycheck to pay my rent and put food on the table. That's all I'm looking for these days.
    So i've come to understand you are making your own cues now? Where can i find them for sale? Thanks
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