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  • Hi
    I bought a P2 from you a few years ago, great cue. I notice you are or were playing with a 5K2. do you like it better? or play about the same?\
    I have friend who is a good player. He has had tons of cue, has a Southwest now and just bought an Ikon. he says he hates to admit it but the Ikon plays better.
    Kevin Lyons
    have some q's about the Lucasi, posted them in the thread. sorry if i'm clumsy about msg protocol, new here... ;)
    Whats the diff between a Power break 1 or 2? I'm not understanding. Is this to do with the model of the Predator P2?
    i was wanddering about you preadater cue youu have for sale iwould like to bye it but i dont no how to go about it i am new to this so if you could help me out i would appreciate it alot thanks again!!
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