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    Queens Gambit - Netflix

    Awesome show. Tevis makes the story about what's behind the game and between the ears. This could be about any game, but the human story is the thing. Plus the actress is stunning (and just plain good)!
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    Tripped over this old video...

    Starts at 12:19 of this video...80 year old billiards player Maurice Daly interview from 1928. Only a few seconds, but pretty neat!
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    What has happened to quality at Schon?

    Here you go!
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    BEM Plain Jane's Only---- Show us yours!

    Gulyassy Here's my daily player...pretty nice BEM with a little curl to it, too. Hits even better than it looks!
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    Gulyassy PHX

    My Christmas present came early...I called Mike Gulyassy and talked him into selling me his playing cue (he made it about a year ago). It's his new patent-pending PHX cue, a build technique he is keeping close to the vest until the patent is awarded. PHX is short for "Perfect Hit Extreme"...
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    Let's See Your Jerry R. Cues

    Here's my daily it, love it, love it!
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    Chalk Wars Photography - Photos of Battle Damage. Post Up!

    my latest... Here's what's currently on my table...
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    Willie Blade "Comet #2" Review...

    As many of you know, I was asked to review a Willie Blade cue as the winner of a contest. I received the cue a little over a week ago, and put it to the test, playing about 10 hours with it. Bottom line, this is a very finely made cue, with beautifully executed overlapping butterfly splices...
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    Best glue for elephant ear?

    I've got a small section of my elephant ear wrap opening/loose right along the seam... What's the best glue adhesive you'd recommend? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G925A using Tapatalk
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    Finally got it! Well, the boys just left, having set me up with my new Diamond ProAm, oak with cherry finish. Pockets are 4 3/8", nice and tight. Table rolls great and is very nice (although Diamond tough) to play on. The Cyclop balls roll true and no kicks yet after about 20 racks. More to...
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    Garage flooring ideas...

    So, I'm getting a new 9' Diamond ProAm delivered in the next couple of weeks...I'm putting it into the garage. I'm looking for some advice/ideas on flooring (gym mats, diamond rolls, etc.) that some of you who've gone before could give me on what would be good for standing/playing on. Should I...
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    Looking for a Good Used Commecial Table...

    And some advice. I live in Northern VA (Woodbridge). The last pool room just closed and I've talked the wife into letting me finally get a table of my own. Bottom line, I need a Diamond or a GC nine footer. Does anyone know of a commercial used Diamond or GC in the general vicinity? I'm...
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    Pictures of World Caliber Players When They Were Young

    Who's this killer? Well, it's none other than West Point 1987...sorry, I'm a nobody; but I couldn't resist! :embarrassed2:
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    Any Places to Play in Cocoa Beach, FL?

    Will be spending a couple of weeks in Cocoa Beach on business...any thoughts on places to play? Any small tournaments? :)
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    NEWSHERIFFINTWN in joint extension...

    I just received my 4 inch ebony in joint cue extension, took it straight out to play for four hours. LOVE IT. Very nice quality (the retail stuff out there can't compete with this). I really love the extra length and slight forward weight this thing gives me. Really straightens out my stroke...