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    Severe eye allergies

    Cocobolo did that to me years ago, I can’t touch it anymore. I can’t say for sure that is your problem but it is the most likely suspect.
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    Bruce your cue is finished

    I have never seen anything that looks like that, definitely a one of a kind cue. Fantastic work.
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    Vintage Sailor in Original Condition

    This one has a 29 inch butt and a 27 inch shaft. His little shop on Taylor avenue was an interesting place with all the pictures.
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    Fresh off the lathe

    Wow, beautiful work.
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    Vintage Sailor in Original Condition

    Here is an early Sailor cue from the mid to late1970’s. Both original owner and cuemaker are long gone now. He made quite a few cues very similar to this early on. This one is completely original with the distinctive flare on the butt cap, the “sailor” stamp impression on the forearm and the...
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    Az Members who build their own cues please post photo's of your new and old work!!!!

    My favorite playing cue for years now. Two pieces of BEM, one light one dark, deep brown linen phenolic joint and butt cap. 18.5 oz Moori soft tip. Ebony trim.
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    Joss Weight Bolt Puzzle.

    I have a Joss cue that has a cracked butt cap that I need to replace. I removed the rubber bumber and there is a weight bolt with a standard bolt head that is recessed into the plastic. I've tried every socket that I have, standard and deep and I can't get one with walls thin enough to get in...
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    Replacing tip on Ivery Ferrule, anything I need to know?

    Just a quick question; I have a guy who wants new tips on some shafts with ivory ferrules and he is, understandably, very picky about the appearance and condition of his ferrules. I've done plenty of tip changes but so far I don't believe that I have ever worked with an ivory ferrule. Is there...
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    Bright white spots in Purpleheart?

    Recently I've come across a couple of pieces of purpleheart that have what looks like bright white colored flecks and veins in the grain. I thought it was just surface debris that got embedded in the grain but when I turned the wood down it was still there. Has anybody seen this before? Are...
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    This Old House (Cue).

    A while back a friend of mine paid 2$ for a whole bunch of old house cues. He gave them to me because I make cues. Most of the cues were cheap asian junk made of Ramin wood and I put them out on the curb for the trashman. Mixed in were a couple normal type house cues but there was one old cue...
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    Itchy, swollen eyes?

    Lately I've been spending more time than usual in the basement with the lathe and twice now I've had my eyelids and the area under my eyes get itchy and puffy and stay that way for days. I would imagine that the dust is causing the problem but I don't know if it's one type of wood or just dust...
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    If you could only use 5 types of wood?

    Okay, this is kind of a fun question/survey but I want to see what experienced cuemakers say. There are a lot of woods that I haven't used yet but I'm already finding ones I like better than others. So, let's say that for the rest of your cue building days you could only use five types of wood...
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    I apologize in advance if this has been covered but has anybody used this material and if so how do you like it? I'm looking for something white with good machining properties. I have some white Atlas linen phenolic material that I use and I like working with it but it's very difficult to keep...
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    Green "spotting" in birdseye maple?

    I recently got some birdseye maple and I noticed that the pieces have some olive drab/green marks on them that go so deep into the wood that they can't be turned out. A couple of years ago I got some really cool honey colored birdseye with lots of figuring but it had a lot of these spots on it...
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    Here's one of mine.

    I'm new at this and have only built a dozen or so cues. This one has an Ebony forearm with a birdseye handle, linen phenolic butt cap and joint rings, a 5/16-14 pin, 12.5 mm shaft, 19.75 oz. I'm working on my first cue with a 4-point V-groove forearm. I think I've finally got it this time...