☆☆ Limited Edition EBONY Predator Roadline LE-3 ☆☆

Cezar Morales

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I'm offering a rare and Dis-ContinueD Ebony Predator Roadline LE-3 with RARE SHARP POINTS for sale / trade.
( you dont see many predator with sharp points around )
Its in mint condition and butt is very well taken care off
( At least a 9/10 )
Comes with one predator 314-3 shaft@12.75mm n slight blueing.

Joint is unique, it has a curly maple wood joint with radial pin, giving the wood -wood custom feel instead of the normal uniloc joint which seems to come loose easily.

Predator has discontinued it and its sold out everywhere so here's your chance to own a unique Predator Ebony wood-wood joint n whatsmore with SHARP POINTS !


For Trades : ONLY looking for this mezz curly maple points Cj13-sw below.


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Cezar Morales

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Wow its been awhile n i actually forgot i once owned the cue but for a short while !
This cue has been long sold, my apologies for not updating the thread.
Thanks for asking :)