🎱 Bob Meucci Signed Custom Cue - Casino 3 (Spades) + 2 Shafts 🎱

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$$$ PRICE - $1000 US $$$


- 1 of 250 made
- The new BMC Casino-3 cue is the 3rd release of one the most beautiful designs ever created by Bob Meucci.
- You will only find this cue with the black dot shaft. Very few had a custom ordered to match “The Pro” shaft made with the matching collar. This is one of them.
- Condition is amazing, tips are like new, and everything is straight
- Makes an absolute phenomenal playing cue
- Tips have only had the finest Kamui chalk applied


- Bob Muecci Custom Casino 3 Cue
- The Pro Shaft
- Black Dot Shaft
- 2 Compatible Weights


- Butt Alone With Current Weight In It (included): 15.1785 Oz
- The Pro Shaft: 3.6915 Oz
- Black Dot Shaft: 4.4905 Oz
- Assembled Cue with The Pro Shaft & Currently Installed Weight: 18.87 Oz
- Assembled Cue with The Pro Shaft & Both Included Weights: 19.256 Oz
- Assembled Cue with Black Dot Shaft & Currently Installed Weight: 19.669 Oz
- Assembled Cue with Black Dot Shaft & Both Included Weights: 20.055 Oz
- NOTE: I am unsure of the exact weight of the weight currently installed in the butt. I didn’t have my tools with me at the time of making this ad to check. I would guess you could potentially bring the weight down up to another Oz if in case lighter is what you are looking for.

Cue Design Specifications:

- Butt: Power Piston Technology in the Butt
- Forearm: The forearm begins with a black colored Power Piston sleeve inlaid with 4 authentic blue Paua Shell points framed in white. In between these 4 points are four 5-inch long lines of blue Paua Shell encased in white lines. Each line ends in one of the 4 suites. Each Paua Shell heart, spade, diamond, club has a white frame. The 5 inch lines on the forearm butt up against 24 silver 1/16x1/32 rectangles just above the wrap surrounded in black.
- Wrap: Urethane coated Black with Natural Spec Irish linen wrap.
- Butt Sleeve: Consists of a 4 card royal flush in spades over a 48 piece blue Paua Shell sleeve trimmed with white on either side. Above and below this card sleeve are 6 Blue Paua Shell dice with white numbering bordered on either side by 24 1/32 x 1/16 silver rectangles. All is set in a white background. The dice are surrounded by imitation ivory.
- Joint & Shaft Collar: 6 blue Paua Shell casino type dice with white numbers bordered on either side by 24 1/1 6x 1/32 silver rectangles all set in a black field
- Standard finish: Five-proof urethane coating - Including the wrap.
- Bumper: basic push in rubber bumper
- Weights: Everlock adjustable system

The Pro Shaft Specifications:

- Shaft: The Pro Shaft Upgrade (29" long)
- Tip: SIB Layered Medium (Absolutely Fantastic Tip)
- Ferrule: Thru to the tip, half inch hydraulic ferrule.
- Taper: 14" - 16" pro taper
- Pin: 5/16x18
- Other: Threads have brass insert

Black Dot Shaft Specifications:

- Shaft: Black Dot Bullseye 35-Layer laminated hard rock maple shaft (29" long)
- Tip: 12.75mm Medium-hard Lepro
- Ferrule: Polycarbonate ferrule for a soft hit-now made more durable than original
- Taper: 14" - 16" pro taper
- Pin: 5/16x18
- Other: Threads have brass insert

Call / Text / Respond Via AZ

512 898 9227 – English / Espanol

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