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SOLD @ $975 Shipped on eBay!

Detailed pictures can be viewed at the following link:


- Exposure & symptom free home
- Pet & smoke free home
- All items have been fully sanitized


- $900


- Bringing history, royalty, and high society to mind, this cue is styled after the $40,000 Isabella pool table, featuring brushed aluminum and blue gemstone inlays. The table is Inspired by Isabella of France, who married King Edward II of England, the Isabella by Brunswick brings history, royalty, and high society to mind. Its exquisite design elements echo the period’s grand palaces and elaborate furniture incorporating exotic materials from around the world.
- Inlays and construction consist of very exotic, rare, and difficult to worth with materials including Karelian birch (Exotic from Finland / Russia / Norway region), Brazilian Rosewood (Exotic, Venerable to endangered species list, Tropical), Zebrawood (Vulnerable to endangered list), Blue Lapis Gemstone (The most expensive blue pigment of the middle ages)
- The original owner of the cue; my buddy here in town, has the matching shaft that isn’t pictured. I will be getting it from him soon and updating the listing with pictures. As of now, the sale consists of what is pictured. Upon actually having the shaft in my hands (lol) I will update the ad accordingly.

Construction Specifications:

- Length: 58.75”
- Butt Cap: Screw In
- Tip: Kamui
- Shaft: $450 Carbon Fiber Cuetec Super Slim Cynergy 11.8mm
- Joint: Uni-Loc® Quick-Release, Stainless
- Collar: Stainless

Weight Specifications:

- No screw in weights currently installed but there is room for them. This would allow for increased weight if desired.
- Butt Weight: 14.485 Oz.
- Cuetec Shaft Weight: 3.8 Oz.
- Assembled Weight: 18.285 Oz.
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ATX Trading

Rating - 100%
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Do you happen to have the matching shaft yet?
Not yet, my buddy I got it from just went through a divorce and their "storm" still has yet to settle. He's still getting belongings back from his ex slowly, and this has yet to be in the bunch. It will though.