🎱 McDermott NG05 - Break / Jump / Playing Cue – G-Core Shaft 🎱

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More Pics Available At: https://bit.ly/2JLq2on

$$$ PRICE: $250 $$$


- Originally $370
- Can be used as a jump cue, break cue, and an everyday playing cue
- Adjustable Weight System
- Cue did originally come in a set that included an additional Stinger shaft with a phenolic tip which is used for jumping, but I am keeping that shaft and only offering it with the very well-known G-Core playing shaft
- The G-Core playing shaft alone costs $175
- You cannot buy this cue alone in black like this as it came apart of a set. If you try to purchase it alone at $275, it is only available in white (ugly as hell) and comes with the Stinger shaft only; no G-Core, making it a very expensive jump only cue.
- Essentially, you are being offered the best part of the set, for a significant discount.


- McDermott Cue Pictured
- 4.0 Oz Weight (Currently Installed)
- G-Core Shaft


- Butt Alone: 12.774 Oz
- Butt Alone With Currently Installed Weight: 16.7740 Oz
- G-Core Shaft Weight: 4.5500 Oz
- Fully Assembled with G-Core Shaft: 17.324 Oz
- Fully Assembled with G-Core Shaft & Currently Installed Weight: 21.324 Oz

G-Core Shaft Description:

- G-Core Shaft / Retails at $175
- Tip: Tiger Everest Medium - Layered Pigskin Leather / Retails at $17-25 Uninstalled
- Taper: Pro
- Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core - Stabilizes the front-impact area of the shaft for increased control and predictability. This technology increases radial consistency, reduces vibration and limits the inconsistencies found in traditional maple shafts.
- Carbon Tenon Technology - Carbon fiber ferrule core which results in a stronger ferrule assembly with maximum impact properties and enhanced feedback. The red ring at the base of the ferrule acts as a dampener to help absorb shock upon impact.
- Radial Consistency - the shaft’s ability to perform the same way on every shot, regardless of its orientation. The G-Core's Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core technology will consistently provide a straighter cue ball path, minimizing the need to compensate for cue ball squirt.

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