'07 DCC DVDs



MisterBanker said:
If anyone has ordered them from Accu-stats, have they arrived yet?

Mine have not arrived yet. Thank you for reminding me; I need to give them a call 2morrow.

I pre-ordered them at DCC. That was January 14th. It is now March 19th. Their web site now has them available for order. I have not received them. What's up with that?

Edit: Oops, dammit. After I posted that, I scrolled down their web page and noticed this. I'll give it some more time.

The 2007 Derby City Classic DVD's will start shipping the week of March 12. They should be in the store later this week.
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The Milk Man

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I preordered the rotation match between Reyes and Bustamante. Came in the mail last week, I think Friday. Good dvd as well would recomended it to anyone who was thinking of ordering it.


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derby city classic

I received mine,I wish they would change commentarors, Deliberto is the pits his critisim of Efren is beyond belief,


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:mad: I just ordered a bunch of videos but on their "Go Shopping" section they have no mention of the 07 DCC, so I assumed they weren't available yet. I sure would have gotten one or two if I'd known.


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I spoke with Pete on the phone today and he said that Pat(owner) was going to begin shipping them this week.


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I definately have to get on this; I only live an hour or so away from Louisville but coulnd't make it, gotta see the dvd's.


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I ordered the Banks semi-finals and finals. They came today. So far I've watched the first match between Stevie Moore and Efren. Stevie was phenomenal in that match-up.