$1,000 Added Arizona State Championships


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5th Event of the Desert Classic Tour
This will be the second day of this event featuring the final 8 players. Livestream to begin at 11 AM. Matches are races to 3 with a Race to 5 Final.
Left on the winner's side are Scott Frost vs Bobby Emmons and Gus Briseno vs Mitch Ellerman.
On the one loss side will be Mike Pankoff vs Eric Young and Bernie Pettipiece vs Dennis Orender.

Live stream begins at 11 AM at www.desertclassictour.com then cliq on Videos.


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Results 8/19.

Here are the results to this event.

Twenty nine players showed and competed for the Arizona One Pocket State Championship put on by the Desert Classic Tour and hosted by Kolby's Corner Pocket, the results are as follow:

1st Place Champion: Scott Frost
2nd Place Bernie Pettipiece
3rd Place Gus Briseno
4th Mike Pankof
5/6th Bobby Emmons, Mitch Ellerman
7/8th Dennis Orender, Eric Young

Congratulations to these fine talented players.