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For all of you Straight Pool enthusiasts, the 14and1.com Pool League is still alive and kicking. There is still time if you are interested in developing or starting a league in order to qualify for the National Championship.

Participating players have been enthused as to the way the handicaps work.

Personally, I have lagged behind in answering inquiries and other questions due to health problems. I won’t bore everyone with my account on the pain I had been experiencing since the beginning of the year, which came to be that there was a blockage in a bile duct which caused half my liver to stop working, of which had to be removed, which has been a painful, slow, nerve wrenching, rollercoaster time of emotions throughout the surgeries and stays at the hospital since early April, then finding out it was cancerous and now have to face chemo and radiation treatment. It has only been from the Grace of God through the prayers of my family and many friends that I have made it this far in my recovery, which is far from over. But, at least I am presently able to sit at the computer and get around a bit to see my buddies at the pool room.

So, for those of you who care about Straight Pool, I suggest you try competing with your friends using the Handicap System. I would love to help you to set-up a League to get started and you don’t even have to join 14and1.com. But, once you experience how easy it is to use and how great it works, I am confident you will want to join the 14and1.com/American League of Straight Pool Players. If not, God Bless and Keep on Strokin'!!

This League is not designed for the Professional Players, though they can compete, too.

Visit www.14and1.com for an introduction and all contact info.