2010 Japan Open


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Anyone joining this tournament?

It will be held on 20th & 21st of March.

I heard that many of the Taiwanese and Filipinos will be joining. I will try to update this thread once the list is out.

Chi Wai


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I would love to play too... but time and money (and pool skill) are lacking for me.
Good luck though and kick some arse!:grin-square:



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great dates, just in the middle of the European Championships


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According to my friend, I am at Ikebukoro, he is at Shibuya. My other friend is at so other place that I forgot the name of.


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I will be playing in Kita-senju...

It is a bit disappointing that not many foreign big players are playing even though there are well over 400 players joining. Maybe as Skor mentioned, it clashes with European Championships

Below are the ones that we all know:
- Efren Reyes
- Francisco Bustamante
- Jeffery De Luna
- Warren Kiamco
- Antonio Lining
- Ramil Gallego
- Kuo Po Ching
also have Bobby Lee and Kenny Kwok from Hong Kong

Full Entry list (sorry in Japanese)
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