2013 West Coast Challenge


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$14,000 2013 WEST COAST CHALLENGE event shirt is now available at www.playthegameclothing.com Most of you know , The 2013 WEST COAST CHALLENGE being held at one of the top Billiard Clubs on the west coast is closing it's doors July 8, day after the tournament. A lot of memories were made at this room. Most of the top players in the world have played here one time or another. Chris Swart and his staff always made you feel welcomed, even if this wasn't your room. You could not ask for anything more then that. This will be the last shirt ever designed for California Billiard Club in Mountain View. We are proud to be a part of this event, and to show our support to Chris Swart for what he has done for the Game. People mark your calendar's , Tell your friends . Lets make this event the biggest ever on the WEST COAST..... www.playthegameclothing.com
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