2013 World 9-Ball Championship (Doha, Qatar)


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Seems like we have a special section for WCs. Hopefully we will discuss current one here, like it is supposed to be ;)
Maybe the mods take their time to move all the threads about 9-ball WPC here (just like they did with aiming threads, even though some of them were not about aiming systems particularly :shrug:


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Latest live scores http://qbsf.qa/en/downloads/2web_final_round.pdf
1st elimiation round already have many star casualties- Reyes, Pagulayan are out.
Wu Chia Qing beat his grandteacher (Chao was Yang Ching Shun's teacher and apparently Yang was Wu's teacher :D )
Chang Jung Lin lost to Ortmann. Rising star Wang Can also out. Niels Feijen knocked out by de Luna
Orcollo and Thorsten scrapped thru 11-10
Ralf Souquet down 8-2 to Biado
Chirs Meiling and Marlon Manolo on the hill
Let us hope the live stream http://shoof.alkass.net/shoof/live/live_2.php will be up tomorrow's round of 32
Big tantalizing match ups tomorrow
Darren Appleton V Thorsten Hohmann
Ortmann V Gabica
Ko Pin Yi V Mika Immonen
Wu Chia Qing V Nick Van den Berg
Kaerl Boyes V Huldji See
Lee Van Corteza Vs Daryl Peach
Biado or Souquet V Shane Van Boening


qatar television is embarassing they show the semifinals live but the finasl isnt.. tsk tsk

btw congrats to the hitman


...and I get all da rolls
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yes, that must have been a great tournament to watch (an opportunity we unfortunately didn't have - geez, it's 21st century already!). Great play by Karlo Biado and even more great from Thorsten Hohmann. Congrats on making the double 10 years since! I remember watching that 2003 WC with friends in an only bar that was showing Sky TV...


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Unfortunately the W9BC's is in Doha, Qatar again.... sick of the turnament being held there and it's about time it was either brought back to Cardiff or be held in Vegas immediately after the BCAPL nationals is finished :thumbup: