2014 U.S. Bar Table Champoinship( + 15th U.S. Open One-Pocket Champoinship )

Green Hornet

I was just taking a look at the event flyer for the 2014 U.S. Bar Table Championships when I noticed that the 15th U.S. Open One-Pocket Championship will be held here from the 24th to the 27th. Great to here this event is continuing.

I seem to remember during a podcast following last year's tournament that M. Griffin said they had plenty of room for expansion. How many 9ft. tables are ideal for a field of 48?

I didn't see the payout structure for the One-Pocket or the added amount. Not too important to me, just wondering? I hope this event fills quickly.

I did notice that the room rates almost half that for the Derby at the Horseshoe. That's sweet, very reasonable. Is there a particular tower or side of the resort to stay in? I don't mind walking, so not to big a deal. Need to book by Jan. 21st, 2014 to guarantee block rates.

Well with the addition of the One-Pocket, I'm sure Mark and Justin will be even more in demand. I'm still hoping I can volunteer for either one of them as much as possible. I just found the special promo code for the special rate on the rooms, so I will be booking my trip soon. Does anyone know if you can add an extra day before and after the tournament like they do at the Derby. I would certainly be able to show up early to help set up or stay late to help tear down.

I plan on sending Mr. Griffin and Justin PM Messages or e-mails soon to see if I can useful. I'm a long time viewer of AZBilliards, but new to posting. Thanks.

Efren and Earl, Appleton and Orcullo, The DCC, The Jay Swanson Memorial, 2014 U.S. Bar Table Championships, 15th U.S. OPEN One-Pocket Championship. Sounds like a strong start to 2014 to me. I may have forgotten Turning Stone, I know there is only one next year due to facility renovations. A soon to be Happy New Year to all.