2014 us open 9-ball


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You realize that expenses for a week @ $100/night for hotel and $30 a day for food + gas or flight makes the trip like $2k-3k, right? And that $3k is basically what 5/6th get. Want to waste a week and not get anything bad? It's not financially viable. I probably would've played again this year had it been $500, but it's just not a good idea.

The difference is that people would jump at $500 to play with Tiger Woods or any big professional of a sport. It doesn't matter here, when you can play them for less outside of a tournament when they're near or if they're charging <$100/hr for lessons...whatever it may be.

69cents/day for the year is gonna keep you from playing?
Btw, I agree that only the top few will even cover "costs" same as the Derby. My point is that if you play US OPEN speed, you should be able to win the $ throughout the yr to pay for the trip.
I won't even play the open event at SBE and I can drive it everyday, cause of the cost of taking off work for those few days would equal winning the tournament, and there's NO chance of that