2015 Derby City Banks - Shannon Daulton


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I see there's another thread, but I still wanted to start one.

Congratulations to Shannon Daulton, one of the all-time greats at the Derby City Classic and just a super deserved player. Literally, Shannon rarely plays and is quite busy in his other endeavors. For him to win this is absolutely astounding.

The final three had to do a Three Card Monte affair (Cyclo Ball Set Lids, one of which had BYE written on it). Brumback got the bye.

The semi-final between Efren and Shannon was a struggle. Both left the table shaking their heads many times. The TV table has new cloth and probably the cleanest Cylcop balls. Cut banks were banking short, straight banks seemed to bank long, spin banks way over-spun. Up 2-1, Efren had many opportunities to close it out, but just couldn't. And Shannon pulled through.

I think most who were paying attention saw that the struggle both had would favor the guy who had played the most on the TV table. In the finals, I have never seen John Brumback miss so many hangers (hangers for him). And he was the one just shaking his head. Shannon looked like he had the table pretty down at this point, so he forged ahead to a 2-0 lead, while John was still sort of feeling out the table.

Buy the DVD, as there was still plenty of excitement. In the end, as all know now, Shannon Daulton prevailed as your 2015 Derby City Banks champion.

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Great post Fred!

Congratulations to Shannon, one of the greatest all-around players we have in America!
And John Brumback will always be a force to be reckoned with! He'll be back strong!