2016 China Open


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Ko wins 11-10. He was incredibly lucky to get away with missing that very easy 3-ball but hooking Alex.


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Incredible comeback by Ko after Alex broke him twice then he broke back to even it but at key moment Alex broke him again to go on hill 10-8
Then stream went down. Geez only wish someone like genipool have full match and upload it on youtube
This is one of best matches of the knockout stages
Ko has nerves of steel like Chang Yu Lung

So we have a mouthwatering semifinal rematch tomorrow Big Ko v Big Wu which is a rematch of last years awesome W9B semifinal :D


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Well, good for Big Ko....
...I was cheering for Alex...
...but I met Big and Lil Ko at the DCC...they're good kids...
....and the game needs a thousand of them.


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Lil Wu (Wu Kunlin) v Kevin Cheng (930am local time/930pm EDT) About 10 hours from now

Big Wu (Wu Jiaqing) v Big Ko (Ko Pin Yi) (1130am local time/1130pm EDT)

MEN'S FINAL (330pm local time /330am EDT)

Han Yu v Liu ShaSha (130pm local time/ 130am EDT)
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id like to see Wu Chia-Ching and Cheng Yu-Hsuan in the finals.:grin-square: