2019 Virginia State 9 Ball Championships - Men's & Women's Events - July 27-28


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Fellow Virginia & D.C. Pool Players,

I am happy to announce that this year's Virginia State 9 Ball Championships will be July 27-28. It will be held at our sponsor poolroom, Diamonds Billiards in Midlothian Virginia. Outsville has agreed to be the Official Rack of the event and Rayman's Pro Shop will once again be sponsoring the Virginia State 9 Ball Championships.

Speaking of Rayman, I a happy to announce that Raymond "Rayman The Pool Man" Walters, former Tournament Director for the Action Pool Tour, will be our Assistant Director this year. Ray has been a supporter of this event; as a player, sponsor or both. When Ray and I started discussing this years event, he mentioned that he was going to be working at the Super Billiards Expo this year and would speak with Allen Hopkins about the Virginia State 9 Ball Championships.

Allen has a history of supporting and growing our sport through the Super Billiards Expo; by hosting one of the biggest gatherings of amateur players of all ages, professional events and an impressive collection of vendors from across the industry. Allen has given his life and career to our sport and gave a little more this year. That being said, this year's State Champion will receive paid entry into the 2020 Open Professional Players Championships at the Super Billiard’s Expo!

I am also excited to announce that this year the Virginia Pool and Billiards Association will be officially hosting the Virginia State Women's 9 Ball Championships. The VPBA is also very excited to welcome the Central Virginia APA Pool League as the title sponsor of the event. The Central Virginia APA's Director's, Dawn Buchanan and Marguerite Rueger, are excited to sponsor the event and supporting the Commonwealth's best female players in an opportunity to be called State Champion! This year's State Champion will receive paid entry into the 2020 Women’s Open Professional Players Championships At The Super Billiard’s Expo!

As in the past, you must be a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia or the District of Columbia to participate.

I want to stress again that this year there will be a Dress Code. One Day 1, shorts will be acceptable. On Day 2, Dress Pants, Slacks or Khakis will be required. Collared shirts at all times. The only t-shirts that will be acceptable will be either from previous State Tournaments or from one of your sponsors. I want everyone to look their best when I hand you your trophy and/or cash!

The details for the State Championship are on the site:

I will be updating this thread on AZ Billiards, the Facebook Page; as well as the website.

I have met many people that have been come and played every year and we have become friends because of this event. For those of you that make the trip to Richmond to play every year, thank you all so very much! For those coming to play for the first time this year, I look forward to meeting you.
I hope this message finds you well.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or feedback on events or the website.


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