3-Cushion Summer Shoot-Out


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Here is an event you don't want to miss. Check it out.
Also 6 Imperator Gabriels tables are now on sale to first come buyers right after the Summer Shootout event-taking place May 27th thru June 1st 2019 at Delsol Casino in Tucson Arizona.
We now have only 1 table left.
Now is the time to call Paul Frankel for more details at (901) 210-7251 and Mazin Shooni at (248) 910-4466 mazinshooni@yahoo.com


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Here's the list of players.

1-Ergun Tuna
2-John Guldali
3-Berkay Keskin
4-Paul Frankel
5-Mazin Shooni
6-Paul Feltman SR
7-Paul Feltman JR
8-Joe Deamato
9-Joe Chiasson
10-Jairo Lenis
11-Mickey Campbell
12-Winston Spencer
13-Tony Ferrara
14-Gilbert Najm
15-Hector Ocampo
16-Ramses Vanlender
17-Jim Handerckson
18-Lois Carranza