3 fouls in a row 14.1


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3 fouls in a row by my opponent. Do I have option to shoot as they lay or does my opponent have to rebreak?


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Under both WSR and BCAPL: The balls must be re-racked (all 15) and offending player must perform opening break. No choices.

Please note that breaking fouls, either opening or subsequent, are not counted as part of a three-foul progression. Also please note that the fifteen point penalty, as with all other foul points, are subtracted from the offender's score, not added to the opponent's score.

Scoring - one point for the 3rd foul and 15 points for the three-foul penalty. BCAPL rules specifically state that any points scored in the rack up to the time of the third foul are added to the running tally and a new rack score begins. WSR does not specify a procedure for points scored in the rack previous to the third foul. However, in the absence of direction otherwise, it would stand to reason that it would be the same procedure, since nothing is written to contradict WSR Rule 4.7 (scoring).

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