3C Billiards Case Studies - How Do You Play These ?


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Dear friends:

In the past few months there have been about 30 3-cushion layout specific discussion at CaromCafe.CueTable.Com posted by yours truly and friends of the forum. Most layouts are from situations faced during practice games. I have learned quite a bit myself by participating in the discussion. I would love to invite you to stop by and add your ideas and solutions.

To learn about how CueTable works, please check this short demo video: http://talk.cuetable.com/DemoVideo.php

3cCueTable and CueTable work almost the same way. You will need Adobe Shockwave Player for them to Run.

In addition, you might want to check out the Diamond System Calculator or the Billiard Aiming Calculator if you are into the number stuff... :)

Have fun, and may kisses never happen to you... on a billiard table!

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