(4) Joss West Cues


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#1 Joss West 8 Pointer
Stained BEM Forearm
4 High ebony points W/Spearheads
4 Low Ebony points W/Spearheads
8 Diamond Inlays in the prongs
Ebony Buttsleeve with 8 large diamonds and 16 smaller alternating diamond inlays
SS 5/16x14 joint
White Dash ringwork
White/ black spec linen
Loaded with IV....
Butt 15.6oz
Shaft 1 13mm 4.3
Shaft 2 13mm 4.4
Cue is in pristine condition
Dead straight and ready to play


#2 Joss West 8 Pointer
4 High 4 Low Dark Eb ony Points
Gorgeous Maple Forearm
Loaded Ebony Buttsleeve
MOP inlays
Leather wrap
Butt 15.6
Shaft 1 4.3 13mm IV
Shaft 2 4.4 13mm IV
SS 5/16x14 Pin
IV Buttcap
Excellent Condition


# 3 JW Hoppe 72-80
Look at this cue
Maple Forearm
4 Dark Ebony Prongs
Black, Green, Natural Veneers
Sold Ebony Buttsleeve
JW logo in Hoppe ring
IV ferrules
Black/ White linen wrap
Maple dash ringwork
5/16x14 SS joint
Butt 16.4 Straight
Shaft 1 3.9 12.8mm ( very minor lift in center )
Shaft 2 4.0 13mm ( very minor lift in center)
Cue is clean and needs nothing...
This cue is a stone cold player and Hoppe JW cues are not east to come by....


# 4 Joss West 72-80 Logo
One Shaft
4 Point Joss West Hoppe
4 Ebony Points
Dark Maple Forearm
Ivory Joint
Ivory Hoppe Ring
Ivory Ferrule
Ebony Buttsleeve
20.1 Oz
Butt is 28.5”
Shaft is 13.50mm 28.5”
3/8x10 pin
JW in the Hoppe Ring
Cue is straight

This cue has some marks from use but overall no damage.


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I love the simple Hoppe cue far right but the ⅜-10 pin is different.

Not sure what you mean? I’ve seen some JW cues with this pin

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