4 Point Custom Jerry -R- FS


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Looking to let go with one of my Jerry Rauenzahn cues.
It has a few blemishes mainly on the butt cap but one minor dent in the forearm. I tried to capture them in the pictures but to much glare. Also as a very very minor taper roll. hardly noticeable. but I'm just stating. And since Jerry looks to be retiring grab up this cue before the prices climb.....

Specs are.

Standard four point Wenge into Tiger Curly Maple
Traditional Titlist veneers
29.5'' long.
5/16x14 Piloted pin
Solid Ivory joint.
with shafts weighs about 18.5-19oz

Shaft 1
Bob Danielson (BDCUES) SS360/2 Shaft
30.5'' long
Kamui Black Medium tip

Shaft 2
Predator Z2
30'' Long
Kamui Black/Clear Hard tip

Also come with matching joint protectors from Jerry.

Asking $1600 or best offer. Please no low balling. I'm not to worried to sell this I just want to invest in a new cue. But if i can't break even on selling this I'll keep it and put it away. Thanks. Any questions let me know.


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