4 Pt 4 Veneer Cam Custom Cue Purple Heart


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Had Originally made this for a local player and the money never worked out for him so its on the market only hit a few times and in 100% perfect condition.
I must point out right up front that one of the shafts has a ugly spot on it I took a pic of it but shaft is super straight and a well aged shaft from my shop . looks are not everything and this cue and shafts play Top Notch ,anyways I know this can be a turn off but wanted to state it up front.

OK cue has 4 points purple heart with 4 veneers (Green,Natural,Blue and Purple)
nickel silver ring at joint with a stainless steel joint with a stainless Radial pin.Cue has Black textured leather wrap, Butt sleeve is purple heart and has a Faux Ivory Hoppe ring ..

Specs are:

Weight is 18.3oz or 18.6oz , butt is 29 inches long
Balance point is 20 inches up from butt
Shaft1 is 3.4oz,13mm,29 1/4 inches long, Agis Ferrule with Triangle Tip
Shaft2 is 3.7oz,13mm,29 1/4 inches long Agis Ferrule with Triangle Tip
Joint measures .840 and butt is 1.250


PM with questions or offers




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I love this freakin' game
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Chad, HOT per usual!!!

If that's the brown, we might have to talk again about that JB. :thumbup:


Always lookin......
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probably the wrong place to ask but what can you do for a turn around time on one just like it only with cocobolo?


I love this freakin' game
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another good looking cue Chad, this one almost had me switching to the "coffee" colored phenolic.

Jonesing for mine....