5 cues for $1200.00


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1. matching set : play cue w/2 shafts,1 shafts is purple heart lots of purple heart. jump/brk purple heart shaft G-10 pin cue made by Brent Hartman of BHQ.
2. 60" BY Gene of Crown cues
3. 60" made by gene with a Kevin Varney Shaft. orginal was donated
4.meucci orginal. totally redone by BHQ.
all have been chalked and used for a few racks only. no scratches or dent very staright.

will sell as a lot for 1200.00 well under what i have invested
if your interested pm me for some pics and more info. If you know these 2 cuemakers then you have some idea of the high quality of these cues. What we all look for high quality at a low price, sorry price is firm.
thank you Floyd(ccn7)Tibbetts
UPDATE: wow i forgot how active this section is i dont have time for bumps.

So i will be offering these cues on craigslist and ebay next week. maybe get rid of some more stuff also. thanks all for looking and take care.
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