5 x 10 Snooker Table for Sale


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I have a Gandy Snooker table in my poolroom. I am Fixing to do major construction to my room and replace all my tables with new tables. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the table. I have the snooker balls that come with it and I will let the light go I built for it too. The table is currently covered with 860 simonis cloth that could be reused. I am asking $2500 for this table. There are some pics of this table on my website.... 76billiards.com or I will take some more if you need them. You can reach me by email... iiisaws@yahoo.com or just call me 910-654-6644.


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Eric Wynne

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Damn , at that price its a steal ... Wish I had the room , I'd convert it to a pool table with 3 3/4 " pockets for some onehole and banks . Looks in great shape , damn I hate to let it get by ... Good Luck ...:cool:;)


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come on out to 76 billiards and play some on it. Our weekly tournament is tonight at 8. Everyone is welcome.