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I have a 59" KJ custom cue for sale. 19oz with Chechen and birdseye maple. 13mm shaft that measures 30", wood to wood joint with 3/8x10 pin. Has a couple defects which are visible in the pics, mainly on the butt where the finish has lifted off and one mark on the handle. Cue is well balanced and plays quite well. Rolls straight together and apart. I'll throw in the predator 1x1 case pictured for $259 shipped.


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I'm the builder of this cue which is one of a series that I built many yrs. ago.
I've been building 26 yrs. now in case anyone is interested.
I've been doing all of Seybert's custom-work for 14 yrs.
These cues are built for playability and hit. The fact that they look good is a plus.
This is a terrific asking price for this cue. I can tell that this cue has had very little use.
That's the orig. tip ("WIN"- made in Japan). I wouldn't consider building this cue today for less than $450.
Anyone seeking further info from the builder is more than welcome to drop me a PM.

Thanx, KJ