60 in Purple Heart Espiritu maple points

jersey jer

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ok i just sold one my cues http://forums.azbilliards.com/showthread.php?t=189770

here's cue # 2 being put up on the block. all for the same reason.

Jersey Jer needs your help.

I hate to put this up for sale but i need some cash fast and in a bad way.
my wifes been out with a partial knee replacement for which i missed a lot of work too. disability $ is a bit light. i've been scraping by since march from that and about to fall behind. out of the 6 or 7 cues i own i have 2 already that are "my never get rid of em cues" so this ones 2nd to go on the block.

This cue is 60 in purple heart and curley maple. this cue was refinished by Russ with a new wrap just after SBE 09 and has seen very light play since. Finish is in SUPERB condition. This will easily become your everyday player and its perfect if you are considering a 60" cue.
the chatoyance of the maple is amazing, as seen in the second pic (it was very cloudy outside in the other pics)

signed Espiritu 2001
2 shafts ivory ferrules 12.5 mm
ss 5/16 14 piloted joint
4pts above 4ts below the wrap
butt and both shafts roll straight

This cue is well worth 750.00

The first offer of 525.00 (buyer to pay the paypal fee)
and it will ship as soon as i confirm payment.
also philly nyc nj area cue can trade hands in person. i gotta make that mortgage payment.


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jersey jer

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heres an older pic that was in much better light. this really shows off the curley maple much better. note that leather wrap was replaced with the linen shown in the above pics.


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