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8 VHS Tapes. Selling as a Lot. SOLD!

Pm if interested. Payment by Check or Money Order or PayPal [NO ECheck]. Shipping in United States Only, by USPS Media Mail.

Picture: Actual Tapes For Sale.

The Secrets of Money Pool With Grady Mathews

Dave Bollman (5) vs. Bill Incardona (4) Hosted by Grady Mathews and Buddy Hall
Roanoke 1 pocket finals Part 1

Dave Bollman vs. Bill Incardona Part 2

Efren Reyes (4) vs. Grady Mathews (1) Hosted by Buddy Hall and Nick Varner
Legends of One Pocket IV

Dee Adkins vs. Louis Demarco Hosted by Bill Incardona and Corey Deuel
2002 Derby City Banks Semi-Finals

Bill Incardona (4) vs. Grady Mathews (3) Hosted by Buddy Hall and W. W. Woody
1994 Roanoke One Pocket

Grady Mathews vs. Keith McCready Hosted by Danny DiLiberto and Shawn Putnam
2003 Derby City One Pocket

Scott Frost vs. Alex Pagulayan
Efren Reyes vs. Buddy Hall
Hosted by Bill Incardona, Danny DiLiberto, Tony Annigoni
2005 Derby City 1 Pocket

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