8 Year Old Phenom at Beloit WI This past weekend.


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Not even close. I could never pull off his hair (if you're talking about Kurt Jennison that is). lol. And I need the 6 from him...and the breaks. :eek:

Oh I sure was! Jennison is the coolest. Ever. The weight... me too. So who is this then?


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Hello Mr. Dave , Carom billiards

My name is Manny Perez, I am currently 12 yrs old. I started playing pool at the age of 10, Thanks to the good people and owner of shooters in Olathe ks Mr .Dan Tull, I was allowed and able to play in his pool hall. This generosity allowed me to become an International Jr. champion at the age of 11.

I think without the ability to have a place to play and enter tournaments, I would never have become a champion so soon! Imagine the owners delight when I and my teamates brought home the International title to his room! :smile:

I am writing this letter on behalf of a fellow player who wishes to play in your room. Not all of us kids act like kids! Some of us are serious about our game, And want to be around serious players!

Please! give my fellow player a chance to continue to enjoy your pool hall and the fine tournaments you run there. I`m sure I will see him soon at the Jrs Championships and maybe 1 day he will bring Glory and Honor to your pool hall by winning the Jr Nationals!

Please give all of us aspiring kids a chance, hope to be in your area sometime.

Manny Perez

You may print this out and show it to the owner if you want . Hope this helps!

Manny perez

Wow, you're like an ambassador to kid hustlers everyewhere. Let'em have it kid!:thumbup:

hitman jones

Thank you

well we are going to get in the turny this weekend and i told duane that if my son is still in when 7 oclock comes me and him will have to forfit because todds not 13 and cant be in there after 7 even with me his dad thats a joke but dont get me started. thanks hitman