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For the real geeks out there.... A couple people have asked for the spreadsheet i've created to track my game.

here it is.


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1. Download the file
2. unzip the file... MS Excel Spreadsheet inside. (.xls format)
3. Launch MS Excel and open the file

Playing and storing records:
Rules I play:
- 9 Ball Ghost (I always break)
- Ball in Hand after the break
- # of balls made on the break are noted in Column B
- Mark '1' in Column C if you scratched on the break.
- Try running out.
- If you run out, mark 9 on column A (# of balls run)
- If you don't run out:
- Mark # of balls run on column A
- What was your original error that prevented you from running out? Say you missed the 7 because you got bad position from the 5 ball to 6 ball, and you missed the 7 cuz it was a very tough cut.. mark these as "pos" in column D. This is quite subjective.. I say do what you want here, just stay consistent.... Column D is either "poc" for pocketing error or "pos" for position error.

Stat's in Column H are automatically updated based on your entries.

good luck