9-Ball Video Contest 07.2009 (24): Can You Run This Rack?

What do you think of this layout?

  • I can play a good a safety now.. (please explain how)

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  • I will try to run as many balls as I can for now

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  • I will play a push out now (please explain where to)

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  • I am not too sure but I'd like to see a video

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CueTable 9-Ball Video Contest 2009.07

Can You Run Out This Rack of 9-Ball?

CueTable Help

You have just made a ball off the break. Now you are facing this layout...

Take this great opportunity to challenge yourself against a situation which the pros would face and run out in tournaments. Study the layout carefully and get the camera ready now. :lightbulb:

Good luck to everyone! :heart: :rolleyes: :9b:

Please check http://contest.cuetable.com for rules and prize information

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