A good Daytona room to recommend...


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Brown's Billiards is in the Holly Hill area around Daytona.

1595 N. Nova Road
Holly Hill FL 32117

It has ten Gold Crown IIIs (all with approx. 5 inch pockets), one 9 foot higher model Gandy (single-shimmed, about 4-3/4" pockets), one Gold Crown IV (tripled shimmed), and two Valley bar boxes.

They all have tournament blue cloth (except the Valleys), were just redone in January and are in great, nearly pristine shape.

Table time is moderately priced-- $6/hr for one person. Open until 2 am. Lite food is available somehow (there's a 30 foot bar area but I didn't see any prep ovens even for reheating-- maybe a kitchen or at least ovens are in the back)-- cheeseburgers, corn dogs, meatball and other deli sandwiches, hot pretzels. Decent but limited selection of bottled beers with some imports, four on tap.

Smoking allowed, and they have five or six smoke eaters on the ceiling of an area two standard bays wide.

Something unusual is the amp and speaker combo they have with the TouchTunes jukebox. They have two 4-foot tall Electro-Voice two-way tower speakers with twin 15" woofers mounted four feet off the floor on shelves, powered by a Crown amplifier. And THEN they have a ginormous Yamaha pro-level twin 18" subwoofer with its own Crown. The houseman said the TouchTune installer put them in, but what I have always seen for such installs are like ten small bookshelf speakers with no real bass, just boomy fake mid-bass. This is unique in my experience. No boomy strained sound, just the straight low end as good as I ever heard anywhere.

Adequate assortment of televisions, two behind the bar area, one largest one where anyone can see it from anywhere, and smaller ones in the corners. One user at a time men's bathroom.