a nice game : 40 pts in 9 innings


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What a game for Jeremy Bury!!! I'm looking forward to his competition in AGIPI this year...

Bury's chin is so close to the cue, very different from most pro players... I wonder if he started out playing snooker or pool at his younger age and that has become a habit.


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Amazing player, beautiful game, Bravo JEJE !
French Record .

mazin shooni

French Champion sets the bar high with 40 points in 9 innings during competition on a Breton 3-C table! You can now set your own record on a table that is the choice of champions, the Breton, now available in the United States exclusively through A’Mazin Billiards. Check it out at amazinbilliards.com or give Mazin a call at 248-910-4466.

Congratulations Jeremy Bury!