A "pat myself on the back" night


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Do you still remember your first win over a player you respected? Last night was the first time I came out ahead of my instructor, Mike! Yes, I needed weight (250-100), and yes, I think he missed two shots he shouldn’t have, but I still needed to make my points which included a thought out 5-c bank shot that the other tables commented on (in Korean). I am still very happy.:):):)

The night before he mentioned to me while I was practicing that I shouldn’t be so concerned about learning everything at once. “Find your own stroke” he said, “and then learn how to change the hit and spin.” That must have been good advice because I played much looser on Friday with terrific results.

Please understand that this conceited post comes from a lack of people up here to talk 4-ball with without there being a language and cultural barrier. To make this a communal thread I’ll ask for memories of your first “pat yourself on the back” victories.


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Congratulations. My first pat myself on the back was when I played 4 ball and ran a ten, my first ten in any straight rail game, I still remember to this day.