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I have some VHS pool tapes, but no VHS player. First $20 plus shipping gets them all. They are as follows:
1) Accu-Stats one pocket- Shannon Daulton def. Efren Reyes (2 tapes long). This is from the semi's of the Legends of One Pocket IV with great commentary by Bill Incardona and Grady Mathews.
2) Accu-Stats one pocket Efren Reyes def. Richie Richeson. This is from the same tourney as above.
3) Accu-Stats one pocket Richie Richeson def. Grady Mathews in 1996 US Open One Pocket Championship. Commentary by Bill Incardona and Freddy Bentivega.
4) Bow Tie, Zig Zag and One Punch - 42 Practice Drills for Any Player by Glenn Bond. I no longer have the booklet that this came with, but this has some unique and very useful drills in it (especially the speed control drills).
5) Byrnes Standard Video of Trick Shots Vol. III.

PM me if you have any interest.


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