Accu-Stats PPV - US Open


I don't know if anyone else experience the same thing I did after purchasing the PPV for the US open from Accu-Stats. The stream worked for approx. 15 minutes and then it kept crashing and then I wasn't able to access the stream at all. I don't believe this issue was on my end since I have 75 mps download capability and all up to date software.

After speaking to some other people I understand that this may be an on going issue with Accu-Stats stream. Has anyone else experience a problem with viewing the stream?


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Yes I have

I watched the first match Sunday night and after that I got three white dots flashing on a black screen for a minute saying it would try again in twenty seconds so I missed the next two matches except for two games. I rebooted and logged out several times before giving up. I had never before had any trouble with there productions. Leonard


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prolly u got wrong player have to use old player.

this was posted in my thread on main forum for you.

Freezing has subsided

But the new player is not working good at all.
So use the old player,
Here is how !


On your login page click settings
then uncheck box.
This will get the old player back in use.
save changes.

Old player is working well now !

Little audio prob but bearable.