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  • jaszir, i don't know myself, Jim takes care of all the customer service.
    Email jim@accu-stats.com
    Oldzilla quick question, do you know if you can purchase the US OPEN with a debit card?? I got the ADOBE FLASH PLAYER but not sure on the other subject.
    Have a great day!

    Hey gary... what you been up to??? Any chance of getting u down here in amsterdam... chick needs a ass whipping
    A milestone birthday for Oldzilla. I'm right behind you. I hope you enjoy your birthday today, and may the coming years bring you good health, peace of mind, and love in your heart. :)

    And I also hope all your balls fall in the pockets! :D

    Hi Oldzilla, someone told me to contact you as you know alot about upstate NY pool rooms back in the day(60's/70's/80's). My question is, have you ever heard of a Gordy Green aka MR RED. that owned a poolroom called Shamrocks and later MR REDS in Utica, NY..If you did know him can you tell me about him, I bought a cue awhile back and the story that I got was it belonged to Gordy Green and would like some info if I can find it...thanks for your time...Jeff
    Hey Gary...yes I do think Cohen can repeat, totally gifted. HOW about Hatch running throuh his bracket in Verona? Im hopin he drills Morris and finds himself driving the bus to the prize!!!

    Im thinkin bout comin up for the 14.1...can ya make it down?
    Hey I posted some Billiard Room chairs online here in the Forum. Can I use your name for them to get more info on them. Just refer them to me... I would appreciate it.
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