Advice on Cue Tips


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I use Tiger Everest. No complaints. They seem to last a long time and are easy to put on. I'd say they feel like a hard tip, but play like a medium. I think they're a bit cheaper than other Tiger tips, other than the Emerald. I used Kamui a while back, but I had one split, and a chunk come out of another for seemingly no reason.


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OK I have gone to the dark side.
I was talked into getting a Tiger sniper tip put on.
It cost $31.00 installed ouch!
So far after playing a couple weeks I can't tell the difference from a solid Triangle.
It's not a bad tip just no change from a solid one for me.
I'm another one that has seen no advantages to any layered tip, but do see disadvantages. As far as Triangles and Snipers, I also found them to be almost the same with the Sniper apparently playing just a touch harder, and I say that because I tend to prefer Triangles best when they start to get low, nearer the ferrule, and the Sniper feels about the same when it is taller.


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I use layered tips on my cues because I am very sensitive on how my tip hits for some reason. When I have to change tips I like the consistency that layered tips provide. When I used to use triangles and Le Pro's I would put 3 or 4 tips on before I found one that played the same as my old tip.

I will admit that the layered tips don't last as long and require more maintenance than the old style of tips, but the extra 5 min once a month doesn't really matter to me. Its still less time than going through 3 or 4 tips before I find the one I want. For me cost really isn't an issue either, tips last me 1 to 2 years before I have to change them, so either way i get my money worth out of them. I have switched from using the $25+ tips to using tips that cost me about $5 now and I see no reason to go back. I am currently cheating though, my Revo came with a predator tip on it and I really like it, It coming time to change that tip soon and I am debating on sticking with the predator tip, or going with my budget $5 dollar layered.... Probably going to try my budget tip and if I don't like it on the Revo I can just cut it off and put on the predator tip.


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Its a G2 medium for me, Triangle if that not available. Rest of the layered tips I am not a fan of, had glazed Kamui's that were worse than useless.


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Keep it simple stupid.
I am sure many here have tried a bunch of different tips and
came back to the good old stand byes.
Can't beat a hard pressed Triangle at about a buck apiece.
Very little maintenance and they last a good long time.

It's still the Indian not the arrow in my mind.
As I have said before, a lights out player will pull a stick off the wall
and beat everyone in the room.
There are quite a few terrific players in Chicago I would play dead even if they had to shoot with a house cue. Bugs was the only person I ever met that shot as good with a house cue than he did with his regular playing cue, but then again, he shot mostly with house cues. Oh, folks gave him cues, or lost their cues to him in a match, but he'd sell them and be cueless again right quick and just use a house cue again.

Funny, how baseball players use the most expensive bats and gloves in the business. Full grain, thick leather gloves, not one of them plays with a fake leather glove from Walmart. I guess they never heard the "indian rule" before. lol


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I have been slowly moving to Kamui clear soft on most of my cues. I wont change a tip if i don't need to though. if it is on the cue, and has clearance, i leave it alone. I moved to soft because i find i over hit too much with hard tips. my buddy is the opposite, it under hits with a soft tip so he plays with a hard tip. we will swap cues once in a while and the games we play tend to go downhill quickly ;)

I have yet to replace the first kamui soft installed 2 years ago. it has hundreds of hours of play on it. still looks new. while definitely pricier, if one tip is lasting me multiple years, i don't mind the initial cost. I scuff it once in while, but that is all the maintenance it has needed. I have had more issues with leather tips than the layered. both have their pros and cons. I really like the sound a kamui soft makes which is the main reason i use them.

i was a triangle guy for quite a while. then on my player i couldn't figure out why sometimes my cue was hitting really well, and others times not. apparently after investigating there was a air bubble in the triangle. it was so inconsistent to when it affected a shot i had no clue. maybe one in 10 shots felt weird and sent CB off in a crazy direction. when my installer removed it he showed the me the bubble in the middle. I had heard stories, but never seen it.

i did love the older Mooris, too bad they were changed. those were my go tos.
Try a TZAR tip. They play just like the old Moori's.


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I've been using LePro's for decades, don't plan on changing. They sit on top of my Predator 314-2 shafts which I don't plan on changing either.
I can't remember the last time I had a miscue or needed more draw or spin, my problem has never been not having enough but to tame what I have. On 99.9% of all my shots I can easily overdraw or over spin the CB with little effort. Don't plan on fix'n what ain't broke!


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I like the predator tip that came with my revo. I have zero complaints. I know a lot of people change them out but plays fine to me.