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  • "Thanks for helping clarify the possible confusion my post could have left."

    Sure. But I was overbroad in my reply about spin effect - more power does increase spin-to-speed ratio ("spin effect") when CB speed is reduced significantly by hitting the OB. Spin isn't reduced nearly as much, resulting in higher spin-to-speed.

    Interesting topic (at least to us nerds :))...

    My pleasure to share at every opportunity. Kind of a giving back thing, after the pleasures pool has given me over a long lifetime of playing. (Started playing and loving the game in 1952 at age 16 and still play a couple times every week.)

    Thanks for the rep 9. Hope to see you at Nationals. The only dumb question is one a person is afraid to ask. Guess I'll keep asking questions.
    I've read some of your posts and I'm curious. Could you tell me what , if any, aiming system you use?
    Personally I use a fairly basic one, as taught to me by a pro. It involves estimating a contact point on the cue ball. If cutting left the line up the left side of the cue ball, with the right side of the object ball, and thats it.
    Works for me, though Im sure I have tons of unconscious adjustments. And yes I miss enough to prevent me from spending my entire life in a poolroom!
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