Advice on pool tables


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Any decent carpenter should be able to make a removable table top for any pool table. I made one to serve as a work bench in my shop for an 8' olhausen. It wont be Ideal but it will work. Or maybe you just shouldnt invite anyone over that doesnt want to play pool.


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Get a new wife:)

But seriously, explain that dining at a pool table is a terrible idea. Wrong height, no
foot room, and on and on. Plus, how about when someone spills their wine or
chicken noodle soup onto the Simonis that will cost you $500 to replace.

Besides, if you are serious enough about pool, NO pool-and-dining option will be
acceptable to you.

RED FLAG warning. I have no idea how old you are, nor how long married, but
this sounds a lot like how a wife would deal with a situation where she does not want
a pool table in the house.


Na she is cool with the Pool Table, she was sad when I sold my 8' table. My daughter was even more sad! My boys were the only ones that didn't grieve. LOL
Her and I were talking the other night and she knows I want a Diamond so she said we should get that. I bought her a new dining table this year anyway. So she is all good. We just tend to have lots of people over for bible studies and such so she was looking for more room to serve food. I think I am going to get it set up to use as a buffet table but as soon as the eating is done then we play! Our dining table is big enough for 6, and we will just use portable tables if we need more room.

My wife is all good! And I get my diamond! LOL:thumbup:


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Oh and I am 38 yrs old been married going on 5 years now, but we have known each other forever and she knows my love of pool. Heck anyone that knows me does! hahahaha


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So I asked this in the pool table forum and nobody responded. LOL
So let me update it a bit and ask it in here.

So I am in need of some advice. I was originally going with a 9' Pro from Diamond in black with Dymondwood done in Oak, and I know that's my preference still.

However, the wife has it in her head she would like to use it as a table to entertain guest occasionally, and use it as a full blown dining table. I have found 3 decent options and need your opinion.

They are all found on


They are all 1" slate, and they can all be done in Oak which I like.
What I don't like is the price is from about 10k - 15k depending on the table I go with.

My question is does anyone know if they are decent tables? Has anyone played on any of those 3?

I also found one called vision billiards that makes it in 3/4" slate, but they use steel in the frame making an 8' table weigh about 1000lbs which was comparable to my 8' oak table weight with 1" slate. (and I am not talking the hydro leg one either! LOL I mean the fixed frame) So I am not sure if those would play any good. The price tag on the 8' 3/4" from vision billiards is $3700

Thanks for all advice.

Aramith makes a table like friend has one and it plays great. It's a small table, not 9 ft but they might make one like that. He has a dining top and a card table for it...the feet inside the legs adjust to table height easily and table stays perfectly level..wasn't cheap but pretty cool. Played just like a Diamond in my opinion.